Zoee Blossom

Zoee Blossom


Acrylic on canvas

4” x 6”

January 4, 2018


Artist’s Statement


“My intention for this piece was to emulate a feeling of being trapped in a loop, doing the same thing over and over.  In a normal scenario, a trapeze artist would be trying to stay in their hoop in order to complete their act, but in this instance, the woman is trying to escape from her ring instead of trying to balance in it.”

- Zoee Blossom






Zoee Blossom is an artist who is currently working with the concepts of being trapped in a loop, escaping from a ring of repetitive behavior, and the emptiness of an existence dictated by technology.  The artist’s exploration of these ideas is focused on work inspired by the circus.  

Blossom's use of geometric shapes to abstract her subjects and isolate her approach, presents to the viewer a perspective of careful balance from a young woman recognizing the choices made by those who came before her, and evaluating opportunities still to come.

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