Abby Miner

Abby Miner



Oil on canvas

18” x 24”


Abby Miner



Oil on canvas

24” x 30”


Abby Miner


Oil on canvas

24" x 30”



Abby Miner

Triptych msingi


Oil and India ink on canvas

18” x 72”,  24” x 18” ea


Abby Miner

The Kitchen Table


Oil on canvas

18" x 24”


Abby Miner



Oil on canvas

20” x 20”


Abby Miner



Oil on canvas board

12” x 9”


Artist’s Statement


"I am a native Cape Codder, a homesteader, a people watcher, and a mischief maker.  I collect socks and turn them into creatures.  I am an avid appreciator of music, and a lover of animals.  My food of choice is peach-blueberry pie, preferably prepared in a cast iron skillet, and my beverage of choice is a glass of Basil Hayden bourbon, rocks on the side."

-Abby Miner







Abby Miner’s work offers us an exploration of the juxtaposition between movement and stillness.  The structure, strength, form and grace of her subject is clearly seen in her style and compositions.

Miner’s focus for the past years on ravens and crows, taken with her style of battling layers of pigment and texture brought to pass by clear, intentional strokes; may be a personal journey and struggle which lies beyond the surface of the canvas.  We anticipate more installments of this epoch of watching, decent and flight, and hope this is just scratching the surface.


Miner works mainly in oil, and also with mixed media.   Acrylic and house paints will often find their way into her work.  If she cannot find her brushes, she will use whatever is laying around, being very resourceful and feeling that the key is to create, however it comes to pass.


Abby Miner attended an art based high school, and continued on to major in the visual arts in college.  She creates for the pleasure of creating and the sanity it brings.  She has recently exhibited at Cafe 7 on the Square in Bellows Falls, Vermont, and Main Street Arts in Saxtons River, Vermont.  Miner is located in Athens, Vermont.

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