Jean Cannon

Jean Cannon

The Champlain Mill


Watercolor on arches cold press paper



Jean Cannon

Iron Bridge over the Canal


Watercolor on paper



Jean Cannon

Reflections #3


Watercolor on arches cold press paper



Artist’s Statemtent


“I create art because it is the fullest expression of my intelligence.  The process is intellectually, sensually and emotionally stimulating and brings me into the present moment.

I am a sharp observer of the natural world, but do not consider myself a realist or a traditionalist.   I take an intimate, zoomed-in view of things.  Keen draftsmanship, subtlety of color, unexpected perspective and fluid brushwork are what I strive for technically.   A sense of mystery underlies many of my pieces. 

Currently, I am enjoying painting the fascinating mix of antique industrial architecture and the elements of the natural landscape around my new home of Bellows Falls, Vermont. “

-Jean Cannon



Jean Cannon’s work ranges in scope from miniatures to murals, using both watercolor and acrylic as her chosen mediums.  Cannon’s work is done using direct observation of her surroundings.  The artist’s compositions find an intimate perspective, bringing the viewer a surface of fluid shapes, subtleties of value and color, and a particular focus on line.

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