Micah Schatz

Micah Schatz

Inner Spring


Oil on canvas



Micah Schatz



Oil on canvas



Micah Schatz

Truth Will Reveal Itself

oil on canvas

28” x 22”


Micah Schatz


oil on linen board

24” x 18”



Micah Schatz

Living Light

oil on canvas board

16”x 12”



Micah Schatz

Eternal Waters

Giclee print on canvas




Artist’s Statement


“When I make a painting which inhabits that moment.  The space where I was when I envisioned it, when I was in that moment which inspired me, when I find that again: I know I’m done.  I could finish a painting in a few hours, a few days, many of them take months, and some years.  One has been in process since 2000.”

-Micah Schatz






Micah Schatz is a painter, sculptor, and teacher currently living and working in Waltham, Massachusetts and has been teaching art to students of all ages, and showing his work in the greater Boston area for the past twenty years.  Schatz graduated with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has studied with many influential art and spiritual teachers.  


For Schatz, the process of painting is his physical and spiritual practice.  His figure paintings and portraits communicate to the viewer with compositions and subjects which balance light and dark, physical and spiritual, all within our universal duality.  In this way Schatz makes the unseen, seen: he paints the spirit.

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