Scott J. Morgan

Scott J. Morgan

Minor Key


acrylic and bonds on found guitar


Scott J. Morgan

Jupiter With a Side of Neptune


acrylic on canvas

24” x 18”


Artist’s Statement


“My goal is to create dynamic, evolving works which strike an intriguing ‘note’ for the viewer.  Much like a passage of improvisational jazz, experienced over time, my work strives to create the perfect curve, a composition which offers a lifetime of intrigue, the right combination of line, movement, color, and balance.  I feel like I am accessing something deeply spiritual whenever I find this.”

- Scott J. Morgan






Scott J. Morgan is a painter using as a surface both canvas and repurposed musical instruments, especially former guitars.  The artist’s background in music along with a twenty-five year career in landscape architecture, inform his work through his process, and in his compositions.  Morgan works from all sides of a canvas, and indeed must with a three-dimensional surface as a guitar, developing each piece from all angles.  

Morgan's work engages bright fields of color with precise and intentional shapes used compositionally as line, along with resonating monochrome and complementary palettes of strong contrasts in value.  The work resounds with visual, lyrical notes: tonal compositions true to both the visual and performing arts.

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